These are papers that I, Cascade Spring Cook (aka Elaine Cook), wrote while working on my master's degree at Regis University in Denver, CO. I started with an emphasis in counseling, but switched to a straight degree in pychology. My thesis, on Commitment in Polyamorous Relationships, was approved in November, 2005.

I offer these papers in case you are interested in the topics, or would like to have some insight into my thinking.

Master's thesis: Commitment in Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamorous/Monogamous Relationships

Dealing with Infidelity

Comparison between the Sexual Crucible (Schnarch) and Imago Relationship Therapy (Hendrix)

Intimacy and Marriage as a Developmental Task

On Anger

Positive Psychology

Child Sexual Abuse

Note that ISNA (Intersex Society of North America) has started using DSD (Disorders of Sexual Development) instead of Intersex. See article on their blog in May, 2006.
See also the website of  OII (Organisation Internationale des IntersexuĂ©s). It has intersex information in several languages.

Transgender and Transexual Issues

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