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Cascade Spring Cook


Jack Morin: The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Sexual Passion and Fulfillment. Jack Morin invites us to a deeper understanding and appreciation of our eroticism, which he defines as "the interplay of sexual arousal with the challenges of living and loving." It's the "process through which sex becomes meaningful." He discusses the paradoxical nature of erotic life: anything that inhibits arousal can, under different circumstances, enhance it. Through his examples of peak experiences and discussion of core erotic themes, he encourages readers to expand their own sexual lives. Whether or not you agree with his assertion that passion requires having obstacles to overcome, you're sure to find plenty that encourages you to enrich your own sex life.

Gina Ogden: The Return of Desire: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Sexual Passion. This book is intended to help women rediscover their sexual passion, with pleasure that touches us to our core. Sex therapist and researcher Gina Ogden takes us on a journey away from the scientific view of sex as performance (intercourse and orgasms can be measured) to an approach which includes our emotional, mental and spiritual responses as well as our physical response. She examines scripts that interfere with our pleasure. She discusses Riane Eisler's dominator and partnership models of sexual relationships, and the role the dominator model plays in creating low sexual desire in women. (Click here for a review of Eisler's Sacred Pleasure) Along with many illustrative stories, Ogden has many suggestions for ways to reconnect with yourself and awaken your desire. While the book is focused on women's desire, there are passages specifically for men, and men can benefit from a better understanding of the beautiful complexity of women's desire.

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