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Cascade Spring Cook

Are you wanting more out of your relationships? Do you want to go deeper with your current partner or to explore alternatives to conventional heterosexual monogamous marriage? Do you want to create your relationships more consciously?

I can help you explore what you want in your relationships and work with you to develop the communication tools to create the kind of intimacy that you desire. I encourage you to become incarnational allies with your friends and lovers, helping each other grow and flourish and giving each other support in difficult times. I assist you in becoming conscious in your interactions, helping you to observe yourself with compassion while you're becoming aware of your tricks and foibles.

To discuss improving your relationship (or deciding to move on), give me a call. I use a variety of approaches depending on the situation and the people. I teach communication and decision-making skills. I support people to make mindful decisions about their sexuality and their relationships. I help people who wish to examine alternatives to conventional relationships, encouraging them to find the lifestyle that works for them, whether monogamous or not.

When you're not monogamous, sometimes the issues aren't about polyamory or your alternative lifestyle. Having a poly friendly counselor helps keep the focus on the real issues.

My husband and I have been in a loving, juicy relationship for more than 30 years (yes, it is possible to keep the home fires burning). We've been studying, teaching and practicing heartful communication, relationship skills, and polyamory (open, honest, loving, multiple sexual relationships) for many years.

I work out of my home office in Rohnert Park, CA (north of San Francisco, a little south of Santa Rosa). I can work with you in person or by phone.


Questions to consider in poly relationships
Tools for self-acceptance
Some recommended books on growth and communication
Polyamory resources

Cascade Spring Cook (Elaine Cook)
    What others say
"I loved that your coaching not only helped me to figure out more what was going on but gave me some practical tools." - SB
"It was such a relief to have voiced everything and to feel I was heard."
"I appreciate how fully you listen to me, how gentle and wise you are."
"I see that I tend to view my dynamics in a 'negative fantasy' way. Thank you for reframing some of them for me."
"It feels like we're laying some great groundwork on which [my partner and I] can continue to build our relationship."
"Most times I come away with important steps to take or important things to think about."
"I´m so glad I found you. I don´t know where else I would have found someone to zero in on the right issues."
"Thank you, Cascade. You're really very good at coaching over the phone."
"You are truly a gift and I'm grateful that the world has you to be of service to those, like me, that need someone like you to turn to when we have the need."
"Thank you again for your insight and wisdom."

You can learn more about me by looking at my papers and articles.
You may wish to look at my masters thesis, Commitment in Polyamorous Relationships.
We also have provided some Polyamory Resources, as well as notes on some Poly Terms and Concepts.

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